What if you ​are free to share everything? What if you could directly​ trade person to person again? What if people could share freely without interference? What if ​it​ is entirely free/in your control​ to share​​?   What if you didn’t need to trust anyone? 

Blockchain technology has the potential to give us (​more​)​ secure freedom ​(​that ever happened in the history of mankind​)​. It holds the promise to allow free trade of things we value without a central authority having oversight. It also allows us to form and protect our digital identity which is currently at the mercy of advertising agencies disguised as benign services. The Blockchain Lab for Public Good offers workspace​ and room for conversation​ to​ connect​ creators and innovators that work with Public Blockchains.​   

Blockchain Workspace and A Lab provide a shared workspace, amongst organizing meetups on a monthly base. Next to this Blockchain Workspace offers different workshops/courses.


Upcoming events:  

20/4: Innovation of Digital Rights Management (Intellectual Property included) + RSVP on the Meetup event