Amsterdam Biolabs

The Amsterdam Biolabs Foundation, located in Amsterdam’s A Lab,  is a collaborative biobase to experiment on new ideas at the intersection of Software, Hardware and Biology. It provides space and equipment for entrepreneurs, innovators, academics, researchers, designers, artists and makers to work on innovative biology and biotech projects.

With a strong emphasis on a community driven exchange of knowledge, expertise, experience and inspiration by means of meetups and workshops, while at the same time offering space and tools to work and bring ideas into realization, the Amsterdam Biolabs Foundation forms an important creative hub for the local biosciences-based ecosystem of Amsterdam.

The Space

The foundation hosts wetlabs/makerspaces in Amsterdam where entrepreneurs, researchers and makers find low threshold facilities to develop their projects. Moreover, inside these facilities a regular open event will be organized called the BioMaker Club, where people from all kinds of backgrounds meet to learn and share knowledge.

Amsterdam Biolabs supervises the use of the laboratory space and materials. Members can rent laboratory desks at a monthly subscription which gives them access to services and equipment such as pipettes, fume hood, garbage disposal, centrifuges, microscopes and more. Rental subscriptions will be governed by A Lab. These funds will be split to A-lab for usage of the space and to Amsterdam Biolabs for taking care of organizing the facilities for its members and events for the BioMaker Club.

BioMaker Club

Under the name the BioMaker Club, Amsterdam BioLabs will organize multiple workshops and networking events per month. Workshops can cover topics such as practical Crispr/CAS, growing your own mycelium based biomaterials, exploring the social implications of biosciences and genetic technologies, and anything that the community can come up with. Events can explore broader themes, such as technical and humanistic topics, modern innovations in neurosciences, etc., and cover multiple perspectives on the matter such as technical (how does it work), practical (what can you use it for), creative and ethical, through talks, fireside chats and discussions.


The foundation will join a network of biofablabs and innovation labs spread throughout Europe and America, interconnecting a thriving community of innovators. In Amsterdam, there is an active collaboration with the Open Wetlab at Waag Society on overlapping topics such as DIYbio and open source science hardware. Throughout Europe, there are ties with labs like OLGA (Graz, Austria), Biologie Garagen (Denmark), GaudiLabs (Lausanne, Switzerland), Hackuarium, Biotop (Berlin) and others. Partner labs in USA and Canada include Counter Culture Lab (Oakland, California), BricoBio (Monreal) and MIT Media Lab (Boston, Massachusettes).