The Playground

Friday Dec 1 18:00

Dine & wine with the A Lab Members, as an official opening of the holiday season


It's time for the holiday season! Cook(!), eat, party & dance together at the one big A-Lab winter holiday season party. It’s a Holy Grill. Block your agenda for December the 1st. A cozy Playground, festive tables, candles, mistletoe and stone grills. Turkey and Christmas trees. The mite of Sinterklaas. Do you get the picture? Our plans are big. This party doesn’t come by itself. We need help from some of you and a financial contribution of all participants. Kids are more than welcome, so please bring your family!


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Costs: €32,50 per person for a three-course dinner + drinks. Children allowed!

Dinner includes a nice cocktail, steengrill dinner (stone grill yeah), dessert & some drinks. 

Costs drinks afterparty: €10,- per person (also RSVP if you only attend the afterparty)


Dresscode: Dress the way you like in a theme of one of this seasons festivities. We might even pull a prize for the best dressed.

Times of the evening: dinner 17:00 until 20:00 and the after party is from 20:00 until 0:00


We will collect payments this Sunday via a Tikkie request by email or a text. Please pay immediately after receiving the request, so we can get some foodz for y'all!


Please RSVP (per person who does the payment!) before 5pm 17 November for either the dinner + party or party only (?) 


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