Indoor Garden

Wednesday Jul 18 14:00 to 23:00

Celebrate A Lab's fifth anniversary with thé infamous swimming contest & a summer party!!


Sign up your swimming team now & get your event ticket via the Eventbrite ticket link!


Dearest A Lab Members, Partners & Friends,


We have a BIG celebration! Our 5th anniversary is coming up on Wednesday July 18th – and we are putting our love and sweat into organizing a great day for our members, neighbors, partners & friends.

Be there, don’t be square, bring your swimsuit and some inflatable buddies so you can make even more Noord history with your swimming team (maximum of 4 team members).


? Happy birthday to all of you & us! ?


Sign up your swimming team now. And get your event ticket via the Eventbrite ticket link!


FYI: for this event you need to have an Eventbrite ticket in order to get in. To participate in the swimming contest you have to register separately. No swimming team yet? No worries, just sign up and we will hook you up with one! You don’t want to miss out on the awesome prizes. Find more info about the swimming instructions on the Facebook event or on our website.


So, what can you expect?

After having a bite of our birthday cake and putting on your party hat, you’ll be ready to start the day with an Open House, where you can explore all the Labs in the building. Join your A Lab Members around and be inspired by your fellow A Lab Members. We’re not telling you how, but you will know when it’s time for the big spectacular opening of the event. Get your duckface out for a group photo with all 250 A Lab members and see our two new exhibitions: OOG, an artwork that will be installed on the facade of A Lab, and the Flags of Peace by A Lab Member Trapped in Suburbia, in our indoor garden. After this, it's swim & party time! Last year 25 swimming teams participated, so we expect a team of every company in & outside A Lab - let’s make it a big ass swimming contest this year.


Party Day

10:00 Family celebration in A Lab Labs - A Lab Members only

15:00 Walk-in #inalab: everybody welcome!

16:00 Official opening with two expositions OOG & Flags of Peace and group photo with 250 people!

17:00 Big Ass Swimming Contest (sign up now)

18:00 Food & Drinks & Surprise acts

20:00 More drinks / Music / Party (and perhaps some inflatable crocodiles)

23:00 The End (…legally we have to put this in the program because of security, but let’s see how this ends...)


Order before Saturday 14/7 and get 1 drink extra!

Feeling hungry? The Coffee Virus will provide you with a-ma-zing Bao Buns! In the dinner ticket there are not one, but TWO bao buns + all the extras included.

  • duck-a-licious
  • veggie finger-licking-good-chicken

You can choose between a mix, or two of the same kind, ánd they will make sure you get some nice extras so your tummy will be happy. So get your eventbrite dinner ticket quick, before they run out. Yup, we also cannot wait, YUM!


A little bit of history & future

For those of you who are thinking ‘Why the heck do we have a swimming contest?!’: our annual swimming contest in the Buiksloterkanaal (right from our building) is an homage to the history of this area. Back in the day, even before Shell R&D took over the place, Amsterdam had its first outdoor swimming pool of Amsterdam North in the IJ water, the Obelt swimming pool. This revolutionary public space brought together people of various backgrounds as it allowed for example even women to swim and have competitions there as well. Really unusual for that time as the newspapers tried to ridicule the women’s contests (what would Ranomi Kromowidjojo say?!). Back then the swimming pool brought Amsterdam together in Noord, now A Lab brings people (like you!) together in Noord, even from a wider range of backgrounds than we could ever imagine, and hell yeah we are proud of that!!

You guys and girls have helped A Lab grow into a place where people are open minded, inclusive and inquisitive. A space where the members and visitors are naturally curious to hear about what you do. Collaboration all over the place and new creative experiments are started everyday! That is the special sauce we make together in this building and hopefully can keep stirring in the upcoming years.


? Onwards to the next 5 years! ?


See you the 18th, 


Team A Lab

Lucas, Arpad, Anne & Ismay


Instructions for swimmers

- Register your swimming team here:

- Put on your swimsuits before arriving at the swimming contest

- Pickup your swimming team start number at the main entrance of A Lab, where you’ll receive the exact time that you have to splash into the water

- Make sure you are ready to dive in at the assigned starting point on the jetty

- Always listen to the instructions of Team A (Superhero) Lab. You will recognize them by the matching outfits

- You can shower at ClinkNOORD afterwards, but make it a quick one! Follow the signs outside & inside their building. And keep it clean, guys

- and of course... HAVE FUN!