Bitcoin Wednesday

Data & Privacy

The Playground

Wednesday Mar 1 17:00 to 23:00

This Bitcoin Wednesday event will feature three specialists on the lightning-hot subject of blockchain interoperability and networks of blockchains and digital currencies:

  • Joachim de Koning, founder of Internet of Coins, which is launching its fundraising campaign in March with support from Internet pioneers NLnet and SIDN.
  • Evan Schwartz, co-inventor of the Interledger Protocol and managing director of Ripple's European Research and Development division.¬† Ripple is one of the first venture-backed startups in the sector, counting Andreesen Horowitz and Google Ventures among its investors.
  • Brian Fabian Crain, co-host of the Epicenter blockchain podcast and COO of Tendermint, which also begins its crowdsale for Cosmos a network for blockchains in March.


Benefit dinner from 1700 - 1900

Walk in Bitcoin Wednesday: 1800 - 1900

Conference: 1900 - 2300

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