Blockchain Lab


Tuesday May 15 18:30 to 22:30

Join us for a meetup on Blockchain. For registration check the meetup event.

Event Agenda: 

18:30 Gathering in K-space, A Lab

19:00 What kind of proofs are we going to store on a blockchain to liberate consumers from centralized parties. Henk van Cann will present the fundamentals of public blockchains in the field of energy supply to - and energy generation by consumers.


19:45 There can't be a meetup on what the energy market can do with blockchain without mentioning what blockchain does to energy. The bitcoin is said to be very unsustainable because of the proof of work consensus mechanism. Erwin Overstegen gives the ins and outs on that and looks into the future.  

BIO Erwin Overstegen believes blockchain technology will revolutionize transactions the way the internet revolutionized communication. It creates the foundation to change the way businesses are organized. It's decentralized and permission-less, which he relates to individual freedom. Erwin is an economist and has a background with traditional corporations as well as an entrepreneur. He became excited about the opportunities for this technology and the adventure ahead. His focus is on teaching practical skills to people and to develop applications with businesses.


20:30 Seb Walhain is an early bitcoin adaptor. In a recent television performance, Dec 4th at Nieuwsuur Seb irritated a well-known economist/journalist / no-coiner Matthijs Bouman with his calm and to the point reasoning about the impact of bitcoin. Let's see whether Walhain is able to motivate you to rethink your convictions. Seb discusses peer-to-peer (solar) energy trading in theory and in practice. His thesis will be that it is only doable with a handy optimization of a Tesla Powerwall together with a Google Nest. And still, you will be dependent on third-party validated meters! The biggest problem, of course, is that you can deliver back to the grid on terms and conditions, but these centralized parties will never allow you to deliver back through their grid to your neighbors....  

BIO Seb travelled the world for many years before returning to The Netherlands to work and teach and the University of Amsterdam. From there he went on to work for the energy company Nuon to trade and develop carbon reduction projects and renewable energy products before becoming the managing director for trading energy, carbon and commodities in the dealing room of ABN AMRO. More recently he's gotten a new Master in Digital Currency degree in Cyprus and his latest company is called Woke Hodlidays, for the connected but borderless antifragile traveller.


21:45 Drinks