CANCELLED: Blockchain liberating the energy market?

Blockchain Lab


Thursday Jan 18 18:00 to 20:30

The Monthly Blockchain Lab Meetup by Blockchain Workspace


** Update 

Your Organizer, Henk van Cann, sent the following message to some members of Permissionless Society:   

Due to the weather conditions (code red) we have to postpone the Meetup for tonight about How Blockchain could liberate the Energy Market. Sorry for that!

Our new date will be: Tuesday May 15 19:00 hrs, same place: A-lab Amsterdam That will give us the opportunity to evaluate two interesting meetups due in the coming weeks:

Pakhuis de Zwijger - Jan 30th -

Solarplaza - Feb 5 and 6* -

*visitors of our Permission-less society meetup in May will get a 10% rebate retroactively for Solarplaza. At Pakhuis de Zwijger there is voluntary contribution as far as we know.

If you plan to visit one of those meetups, please investigate the true value of blockchain technology in all the initiatives that promise to liberate the Energy market and share your thoughts with us in May.

All speakers confirmed their presentations for the new date. The positive side effect is that we most probably will have more interesting visitors and speaker that weren't able to join us today, have an opportunity to join in May 15 th!

Please RSVP right away for the new date: Kind regards, Henk & Bas (Blockchain Lab)




Our Blockchain Lab organizes a monthly meetup about blockchain & a specific field of area. We try to look at different applications of the blockchain technology in society. On the Meetup page you will find more info about the specific program of the evening and speakers.