The Design Kids x Radical Graphics



Tuesday Oct 2 19:00 to 21:00

Mark your calendars for our Next TDKTuesdays with Radical Graphics!


Radical Graphics is an Indie Development Studio based in Amsterdam. Radical Graphics was founded by Manuel González and José Gómez de Lara, two game industry veterans gone indie. They design and develop entertainment software such as Web Apps, Games and Gamification solutions. In our gamified TDKtuesdays event, they will share some of their best indie games and some of their secrets about how to develop an awesome game from concept to production, and their insight into the influence of great visual design in the gaming industry. This time we’re also going to talk about some tools and the importance of playable prototypes and iterative design, experiencing what it takes to become a graphic-game designer. 

We invite designers, developers, entrepreneurs to get insights on the emerging gaming world.

Gathering & drinks 19:00

19:30 Talk starts

20:30 more drinks

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