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Tuesday Nov 6 18:30 to 21:00

The social impact of design is a grassroots initiative by Amsterdam’s Design Kids Community. As students and graduates designers who care about their city.


What kind of social impact can design create, and how? As young designers, growing up in the 2nd millennium, we see many designers around us looking to make a stand, and create a better future. Young designers, more than ever are looking for a meaningful job, and to not just create an aesthetically looking design solution.

Making the world a better place is not an easy task for a young designer, and knowledgeable decisions are required to set on this mission. In the evening, 3 studios will share their motives and inspirational projects about the social impact of design, and we’ll get the chance to ask them questions. We wish to show that taking a socially active approach through design is doable and improving the place and society we live in, can also be a sustainable decision.

About us: The Design Kids is a global organization for graphic designers. Our mission is to create the biggest Graphic Design resource in the world for thousands of student and graduate graphic designers. We aim to educate, inspire and connect young designers to the design industry.

Talks By:

>Merel van der Woude- Creative director at Butterfly Works

>Arjan Braaksma, Founder of Burobraak, a social design studio based in Amsterdam.

>Manuel González and José Gómez de Lara, Founders of Radical Graphics Studios, an indie gaming studio.

18:30 walk in+drinks

19:00 Social Imapct+Design talks

20:00 Q&A

20:30 More drinks


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About The Design Kids

If you haven't heard of TDK before, The Design Kids bridges the gap between college students and professionals, in the Graphic Design industry. We currently have around 100,000 people in our community in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada and we're in the process of launching in South America and Europe next. Its a giant resource to help graduates get inspired, get involved, and hopefully get hired!

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