Ebonit - CD release


The Playground

Tuesday Oct 16 9:30

Organized by Member 7 Mountain Records 

We are very excited to invite you all for the CD release of our second album - "Arabesque" !

The year 2018 was inspiration for us to record music by Debussy, Janacek and Saint-Seans and thanks to our sponsors we were able to realize this project !  For the second time we had a great pleasure to work with an outstanding sound engineer and a great friend Frerik de Jong ! The album "Arabesque" will be released on his label the 7 Mountain Records 7 Mountain Records https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEvMtoO2P4U On 20th October at 20:00 at A Lab Amsterdam we are going to celebrate the result of our hard work and extremely fun collaboration. We will play for you some beautiful music and you will be able to purchase our freshly baked CD - "Arabesque" The entrance for the event is FREE !!! We want to thank again everyone who made this project possible! Big thanks to Norman Perryman who made beautiful image for the CD cover ! Thanks for the support of our friends and all the saxophone and music lovers ♥  Hope to see you there ! The Ebonit Saxophone Quartet http://ebonitquartet.com/?js_events=ebonit-releases-their-second-cd http://www.7mntn.com/arabesque/ http://a-lab.nl/