Hack the Media


The Playground

Wednesday Oct 17 9:45 to Thursday Oct 18 17:00

Organized by Free Press Unlimited - Open for A Lab Members


Free Press Unlimited is organizing a two-day hackathon on the theme 'Hack the Media'. The event is aimed at creating solutions to challenges faced in the media by engaging journalists, technical and non-technical creatives.

The 'Hack the media' hackathon will take place this week from October 17-18 in The Playground and will feature unique challenges that each try to address a specific problem. Topics include migration, podcasts and protection of sources. The current challanges are:

1. Lost in Europe - How to best communicate with sources on missing refugee and migrant children 2. Podcast - A Podcast on the Media 3. Protection of Sources 4. Improving appraisal system

Interested in joining the 'Hack the media' hackathon? Great! Participation is free, but registration is required.