Indie Game Show & Tell #5



Thursday Mar 29 18:00 to 21:00

Indie Game Show & Tell is an event organized by A Lab, Radical Graphics, Noio and in co-organization with the Amsterdam Indie Meetup. The aim of the event is to share knowledge, connect & power-up game community and enjoy a great time.

Mark your calendar because we've scheduled the next meetup on the 29th of March.

We still have free slots if you want to give a small talk about a project.

And as usual: let us know (through email or a Meetup message)ย if you want to demo your game!

Talks (starting 18:30)

๐ŸŽค Jose Gomez de Lara โ€” Why you should go to Game Jams.

๐ŸŽค Esra van Beelen โ€” Homo Ludens vs Homo Deus

๐ŸŽค (Free slot)

๐ŸŽค (Free slot)

Demos (from 19:30)

๐ŸŽฎ Radical Graphics โ€” Xintana Legends GO (Android & iOS)

Save the date because itโ€™s going to be awesome!