AgriTech Lab & Vertical Farm

The Playground

Wednesday Feb 21 17:00 to 20:00

Bring your creative biology and biotech ideas into realization with Amsterdam Biolabs

A Lab in collaboration with Amsterdam Biolabs invites you to an event that aims to bring together creatives, innovators and scientists and highlight the vast applications of biosciences in arts, technology and society. The event presentations will cover an overview of current applications of biosciences in different fields Arts/Design/Innovation.

The Amsterdam Biolabs Foundation, located in Amsterdam’s A Lab, is a collaborative biobase to experiment on new ideas at the intersection of Software, Hardware and Biology. It provides space and equipment for entrepreneurs, innovators, academics, researchers, designers, artists and makers to work on innovative biology and biotech projects.

Entrance is free! + RSVP by emailing or attend the Facebook event:


Here is a look at the event agenda:

17:00 Welcome

17.30 Official start

Talks by:

- Špela Petrič, bio-artist (to be confirmed)

- Maurizio Montalti, Designer and Biomaterials Entrepreneur

- Pieter van Boheemen, Researcher at Rathenau Institute, Waag Society Fellow and Biohacker

- Roland van Dierendonck, Biohacker and Media Technologist

- Gonçalo Neves, OneFarm

- Federico Muffatto, synthetic biologist, CEO of

18.30 Some hands-on activities:

  • Get your hands wet with Biotic Games, the first game that runs on wetware!
  • Build your small DIY vertical farm

19.00 Drinks

20.00 Closing


We hope to see you #inalab the 21st!