A Lab Breakfast Club


The Coffee Virus

Monday Jan 8 8:30 to 9:30

It's back!


Once started by (still going strong) Members Kim, Simon & others, now back in A Lab: the Breakfast Club! A bi-weekly event after the weekend, for all the early birds. To get some inspiration & motivation for the rest of a productive workweek. You get a delicious fresh croissant + coffee or tea from A Lab. Limited space for only 15 lucky A Lab Members. Be quick!


+ RSVP: email ismay@a-lab.nl 


Want to talk during a Breakfast Club session? Let us know!

We have three criteria:

slides/presentation of max. 4 minutes

inspiring subjects for example about achievements or something you're really proud of, looking for in-/offering the community, or A Lab collaborated projects; even better!

absolutely no business/advertising talks