Modular Synthesis School Open Doors Day


Analogue Room

Friday Nov 9 12:00 to 21:00

Organized by Modular Moon

Hello! As you probably already know or heard of, we - group of sound synthesis enthusiasts - are launching Modular Synthesis School on soil of Modular Moon.  We decided to have a day of Opened Doors for our project, for everyone to visit us, talk to us, share a cup of coffee with us. Welcome!  * We will have official introduction into the Modular Synthesis School program and details between 18:30 - 20:00. Introduction into Program Details by Jack Fresia, Timeline and Execution - Anna Martinova; * All day is dedicated to the school, everyone welcome, starting from 12 in the morning. Martinova will be there at the place. * For extra requests contact: * Free entry.  ..and.. bring your modular station if you are in da theme!  show us something only you know! let's have a jam session! More about the project: Love!