Music Lab | Lunch & push for creating musical experience 2.0


The Boardroom

Monday Jun 20 12:00 to 13:30

We're planning to host an musical experience 2.0 together with bands, artist, and beyond! 

After a great kick of we dive deeper into the possibilities of creating a musical experience 2.0 created out of the urge for the ongoing development of music. 


Meet our internal members:

Clement Sanou | Scenography | costume | light | opera

Kleinman Audio | Classical music recording

La Fam | Creative company, uses music as the foundation for their youth programs

MARY GO Wild | Music / books/ art/ nightlife 

Victor Butzelaar | Composer 

Milton Brotherhood4Real | Music producer & talent developer 

TCBYML | Amsterdam Based Independent Music Label

XYZ AMS | Creative collective of artists 

BALINNN | Online lifestyle magazine Capturing Culture


We like to work together with internal - and external music lovers.

If you want to contribute to Music Lab get in touch with Anne via