The Coffee Virus

Friday Jun 30 17:00 to 20:00

Did you know that we are opening an A Lab Vertical Farm?



A Lab & community are excited to announce the opening of the A Lab Vertical Farm, the official opening ceremony for which will take place this Friday, 30th June, on A Lab’s ground floor. Vertical Farming involves using LED lighting and water-pump technology to allow for the growing of crops and plants in indoor spaces.

The A Lab wider community has joined together to begin a Vertical Farm adventure right here in A Lab. We want to join the community in a shared effort to understand how food is made, and how new technologies can help us build a more sustainable and clean ecosystem around food production. In order to involve A Lab in the green revolution of the 21st century, we involved as many members as we could from the beginning.  


About Vertical Farming


Vertical Farming happens in a controlled environment. It involves using LED lighting, water, nutrition and substrate. The benefits of Vertical Farming, as compared to more traditional farming methods, are many: 


• crops are grown within a fully controlled environment

• no use of pesticides

• stable crop quality and production

• growth cycles are quick, between 8 and 32 days

• Vertical Farms are operational all year around 

• they provide food in any season

• the carbon food print is heavily reduced; Vertical Farming method only requires 1-2% compared to traditional farming


Next to this, the A Lab Vertical Farm has gotten a subsidy from MaakJeStad from the City of Amsterdam to realize an educative program for children. The Vertical Farm will not only produce a delicious variety of salad for lunches at The Coffee Virus, but will also teach 500 students about Vertical (School)Farming. Yay! Excited about this green revolution #inalab!

We hope to celebrate the opening of the A Lab Vertical Farm with you June 30 from 5pm in A Lab!


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