Over het IJ Festival: Enter New Babylon

Art & Culture

Friday Jul 9 12:00 to Sunday Jul 18 21:00

? Mark your calendars because from 9 - 18th of July Fondation Constant in collaboration with Over het IJ festival is bringing an exciting VR installation to the Playground #inalab 

? Book your time slot and buy tickets on the website of Over het IJ Festival


?Enter New Babylon is a virtual performance experience inspired by the futuristic city that visual artist Constant Nieuwenhuys developed between 1956 and 1974. He realized his ideas about a new world in one of the most visionary and extensive projects in post-war art history, consisting of maquettes, drawings, prints, and paintings. To this day, and maybe especially in our current society, an inspiration for many. Making use of virtual reality and stories from young activist poets, a new interpretation of New Babylon takes shape, one which Constant could only dream of. Or maybe it’s really a nightmare?


?Fondation Constant is an international knowledge center about visual artist Constant Nieuwenhuys, better known as Constant. Together with the HKU Master program in scenography, spoken-word platform Poetry Circle, production partner Feikes Huis, and Over het IJ, they are producing the performance Enter New Babylon. Through this collaboration with these partners from different disciplines, a special, unmatched VR installation was developed so that each partner can be involved based on his or her expertise.