Indoor Garden

Wednesday Jul 19 16:00 to 23:00

You are invited to the Overhoeks Swimming Contest during A Lab's 4th anniversary on Wednesday July 19th!  


The Obelt swimming pool in the IJ water became the inspiration for a yearly A Lab tradition of a swimming contest in the Buiksloterkanaal next to our building. So now we celebrate A Lab's anniversary with a yearly Overhoeks Swimming Contest. Check out the photos of last year if you would like to be convinced of joining our contest. We start off at 4pm with the swimming contest, followed by The Coffee Virus amazing BBQ experience at 6pm at the terrace. There will be several music performances and a DJ to start the summer with a blast. Expect music, swimming, BBQ, drinks, A Lab Members in awesome swimming suits, performances, a lot of awkward pictures & most importantly fun times!



16:00 Official opening at the Buiksloterkanaal (come already changed in your swimming outfit)

16:30 Start swimming contest

18:00 Start BBQ outside at The Coffee Virus with drinks, BBQ meal & music

21:00 Start music performances at the indoor garden in A Lab

23:30 Closing time


Instructions for the swimming contest:

- Event starts at 4pm at the Buiksloterkanaal next to A Lab. Be on time! We will share the competition time schedule asap on the website. 

- Register your team name at the main entrance of A Lab, where you will find the A Lab team

- You will get a start number & time schedule when you register, so make sure your swimming team is ready 10 minutes before you start

- Arrive in your swimming outfit and don't forget to bring a towel, bathrobe, flip flops and a fresh party outfit for afterwards. If you are wearing swimming goggles and a bath cap, more chances to win the originality price!

- Make sure your team is ready to swim 10 minutes before you have to go. You will get a time schedule from us when you register at the event

- The swim is estafette style, so per person it is one time ±50 meters and your swimming team should consist of max. 4 people

- You can take a shower directly after you swum at ClinkNOORD. 

- But also come back to cheer for the other teams! It will be fun to watch all of the other swimming teams & creates a nice, good vibe if everybody is playing cheerleader

Any questions, email to 


The most important thing of all: have fun!!! 

We are really looking forward to celebrate the 4th anniversary with you!

See you the 19th #inalab!