Robotics MeetUp | Understanding the NAO


The Playground

Wednesday Oct 12 18:00 to 21:00

Let's make Amsterdam a Robo Hub of the future.


Calling Robonoids,

Our community has grown to over 300 people. On 12 October we will do a deep dive and a detailed focus on one of the most popular robots in the world, The NAO.

Join us then, if you want to know the nitty-gritty of this pretty Robot!!

With the help the Patrick de Kok we will look at the hard- and software that defines a NAO robot. 

What can it actually do, technically? How can YOU start doing that? What about the hardware vs the software? Want to build robot skills or simply understand its capabilities for academic, business or artistic reasons? Then sign up for this MeetUp. We have only 150 places, so be fast!

This evening we will also call on everyone to help us launch the RoboPop Tinker Lab in A Lab. A place where you can come and work with robots, whether you are a student, artist or established neuroscientist or robotics professor.