Schluss Founders Meetup

Data & Privacy

The Playground

Monday Sep 11 16:00 to 20:00

Schluss is giving you back the internet

Our Member Schluss (hi, Marie-José) is doing a great job in the development of a digital vault for your personal data, to give the control over what companies own & use your personal data, back to the users of the internet again. They would like to invite people that have been involved in the project, but also the A Lab Members! 

Marie-José would love it if you are there too. Because not only will you meet all those other people who give Schluss a warm heart, but also we will decide together which steps should be taken, and who can contribute. Some of us are already contributing largely and of many others I know they’re eager to join as well. Now, go on this adventure with us. Together we will change the standards and values on the Internet by turning the data stream around.

What's on? Finally we will get to know and see each other. That will be exciting! But we also would like to set next steps. Therefore we will first update you on all latest Schluss-news and immerse you in the Schluss details. In a 'Friend's Cafe' setting we'll inform you all on:

• Techniques

• Functionality & UX

• Community & Communication

• Organisation & partners

• Legal / compliance

In a second round we invite you to join the subject of your knowledge. Together with fellow Schluss-ers you can determine what should be next steps. Plan these steps and help Schluss take them.


+ RSVP by emailing founder Marie-José. Schluss & A Lab hope to see you there!