Self Sovereigned Identity and blockchain: symbiotic?!

Blockchain Lab


Thursday Sep 21 18:00

A new Meetup from the Blockchain Lab 


A Lab Member Blockchain Workspace hosts a regular Meetup in A Lab to discuss the latest blockchain news. 


Identity and blockchain has a tight and complex relationship. The added value of blockchain for Identity is not that clear. The other way around: public addresses in blockchains ARE virtual identities.

What is in this meetup for you?

Firstly the recurring blockchain introduction for beginners, this time we will elaborate about how to work with attribute based proof of identity in public blockchain environments.

Based on the work of Dave Birch in two books and two of his presentations during the Dutch Blockchain Conference (2016/2017) we will discuss the narrow but useful bridge between blockchain technology and Identity Management application towards more self sovereignty. will present their self sovereign identity management goals and their means to come to more privacy.

More info to come!

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