Sensemaking at the Amsterdam Biolabs

Amsterdam Biolabs


Wednesday Oct 17 18:30 to 21:00

The Sensemaking meetup of Internet-of-Things Sensemakers comes to Amsterdam Biolabs! 

Register on Meetup: ==================================== The Amsterdam Biolabs Foundation, located in Amsterdam’s A Lab, is a collaborative biobase to experiment on new ideas at the intersection of Software, Hardware and Biology. It provides space and equipment for entrepreneurs, innovators, academics, researchers, designers, artists and makers to work on innovative biology and biotech projects. With a strong emphasis on a community driven exchange of knowledge, expertise, experience and inspiration by means of meetups and workshops, while at the same time offering space and tools to work and bring ideas into realization, the Amsterdam Biolabs Foundation forms an important creative hub for the local biosciences-based ecosystem of Amsterdam. This evening is a great opportunity for Sensemakers to learn about the Biotech possibilities & challenges. Program will follow, limited space! Every 3th Wednesday of the month we have lectures, discussions about IoT-related subjects. Doors open at 18.00 for networking & discussing/showing projects. Presentations usually start at 19h & end around 20.30 with "open mic" when you can share your own story/event/question. ==================================== During or meetups we talk and do Internet-of-Things, Sensors, Arduino, RaspPi, electronics and more. Ranging from projects (Air Quality Egg, Open Thermostat, waterbuoy), presentations (IoT& Blockchain, Security, AI etc), events and just getting together to talk. Everybody is welcome: Technical, non-technical or just interested. If you like to know more, be involved or are just curious: Just come to one of our regular meetups every third Wednesday of the Month at Makerversity Amsterdam. In addition, we want to bring in speakers for each event, who can share their thoughts, experiences and/or wisdom. So if you know someone, let us know. Follow us on twitter:SensemakersAMS ( or join us on Slack by providing us your emailadress.