Think Future Today #7: The Morality of Immortality

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Tuesday Nov 27 18:30 to 21:00

Interested to talk about the morality of immortality?

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The advancement of medicine and technology significantly increased our average life expectancy. Many expect that the ability to print organs and manipulate DNA will have another dramatic effect on the longevity of the human life. Scientits are talking about the concept of “longevity escape velocity.” It’s the notion that, in the near future, science will be able to extend our lives by over a year for every year we live. Some believe that we will be able to reach longevity escape velocity in just 10 to 12 years. This may mean that children born in 00s will have a potentially indefinite lifespan, simply because they will intercept a multitude of exponentially growing technologies as they age. On of the top of it, we might never need to grow old. There are experiments that successfully managed to reverse aging in mice. Extreme longevity or even possible immortality will have profound effects on all aspects of our lives: from identity, work, relationships to the impact on the planet. In this Think Future Today session we will talk about the implications of extreme life longetivity and immortality. Think Future Today Our learning initiative Think Future Today is the result of many conversations we have when talking about preparing for the future. Every time we hear different questions, concerns, ethical dilemmas and challenges the advancement of technology and AI brings. We decided to create a space to explore them and develop the future literacy skills. We want to challenge preconceptions, uncover different perspectives and implications of using technology and AI in various areas of our life. We invite you to join the discussion and learning on subjects that are highly relevant for our future. In the end, we want to THINK TODAY what FUTURE we want to be part of tomorrow. This event is free of charge, but we have a limited capacity, so please register ONLY if you are SURE you will be joining. We close the registration as we reach the maximum capacity.