Walkie Talkie Wilderness

Art & Culture

The Playground

Thursday Oct 11 18:30 to 19:30

A dance performance that explores communication, power relations and lack of freedom with the use of a walkie talkie

WTWis a dance performance that consists of five dancers with and without disabilities choreographed by Joop Oonk and supported by Gemeente Rotterdam, VSBfonds and Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds. The piece is choreography of tasks, movement and rhythm. It explores communication, power relations and lack of freedom and questions the possibility for self-determination and autonomy under this dynamic: orders are given to the performers via a walkie-talkie, but also to the audience. That is exciting, because audiences and dancers never know how their actions will be interpreted and what the final result might be. At this point we would like to note that the piece is designed to be performed mainly in the public space while it can be adjusted in semi public locations, including theatre foyers.

Behind the idea of Walkie Talkie Wilderness lies a clear hierarchical structure where the most powerful has the most to say. The choreography is playful and abstract where the bodies act as objects while the individuality of the dancers remains present and visible. The combination of dancers on stage -each with their own physical and mental qualities-, leads to a unique artistic result.


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Pre-program: LOOK by Anastasia Kostner  Subtitle: soul-searching media  The performance looks at tendencies of the media to loose the actual touch with reality: a striving body is overflown by it, caught in hyper-normalization, finds a place where the actual 'face', the identity, is lost. Soul-searching media, an act of, for and about the self? 

Dramaturgical support: Maarten van der Glas Dance  Performance: Anastasia Kostner Music: 'The Journey' by Illum Sphere with special effectsJoop Oonk, is an inclusion dance specialist and artistic director of Misiconi Dance Company. 

Joop completed her BA at the Codarts Rotterdam Academy of the Arts in 2012 and in 2013 she received her MA in Dance Cultures at the University of Surrey (UK). She works as a choreographer, teacher and dancer both in the Netherlands and abroad. She is the artistic director of Misiconi Dance Company and the driving force behind Misiconi Foundation. Joop has always had a strong interest in various target groups and their social context. Her specialization in inclusion dance comes from a great motivation to research and practical approach. Among others, she worked with Stopgap Dance Company, Indepen dance, Platform k and Holland Dance. She is also the author of Unload to Upload, a manual for an inclusive dance practice.


Dancers: Suzanne Lamers, Manouk Schrauwen, Eric Verheijen, Eva Sterringa, Enya Straver  Participants: Mathilde Dirkzwager Dramaturgy: Joost Segers Music: Rutger Muller Research: Marjolein Gysels Technician/Light and Sound:Marc Hoogendam

Choreography: Joop Oonk Misiconi Dance Company | Rotterdam | 2018 | info@misiconidance.nl