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We host creatives, technologists, social entrepreneurs and catalyze labs that are exploring the way we will live in the networked society that is upon us. We spin out ideas, companies and have as much appreciation for success as for failure.

Elance Academy coaches girls and young women between the ages of 10 and 27, helping them discover and develop their dreams, ambitions and talents. This year, they started the "Strong girls together" program, the team that provides this program focuses entirely on providing group programs in schools.
The new program of ACED and VersPers just had its start in A Lab. We present to you: Spark Narration, an education program that meets the need for training makers at the intersection of design and journalism.
A big shoutout to our newest A Lab member! Let's give them a warm welcome at our next event #inalab
In October we welcome a new range of members in our community and we are also happy to introduce the latest addition to the A Lab Team: Donna! Curious to learn more about them? Scroll down!
The Vertical Lab is looking for new volunteers! --- Het Vertical Lab zoekt nieuwe vrijwilligers!
In September we welcome quite a few new members in our beloved community. Are you also curious to learn more about them? Say hello to Charlie, Veysi, Antigone, Guus, Satoru, Frédéric, Flore & Dominique!