A Lab Report 2019: what did our Members say?

Did you know that most of the A Lab Members (27%) has been in A Lab for more than three years? And 50% of the respondents collaborated with one or more other A Lab Members!

Last December our intern Viktorija Balodis developed a survey for 75 of the 300 people #inalab to explore the current balance and satisfaction within the community. The results provided us with new insights and energy. We wanted to show you in a nice way what impact you have made by filling in a boring set of questions. A big thank you to Member Zeppa and Studio divv for making this happen by magically turning it into a way more attractive visualization of all the answers. And an even bigger thank you to our intern Viktorija Balodis (who is in fact looking for a job in Amsterdam, but be quick because she is wanted). She did an amazing job developing, researching and executing the community report.

Such a collaboration is exactly the evidence why the vibrant A Lab community and interaction with other Members were the main chosen reasons for A Lab Members to become a Member in the first place. We are proud. Read all the findings on www.report.a-lab.nl/.


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