A Lab for Ukraine

No doubt the war in Ukraine keeps all of us awake

Over the last week, many of the A Lab members have been trying to help in any way they can. By donating money or goods, taking people in, or volunteering for care organizations. 

To keep anyone updated, we keep a list of initiatives you might be interested in. A Lab members can notify us of their initiatives and this page will be updated accordingly. 

  • Are We Europe reporter Oleksandr Derevyachenko (20 years old, living in Zaporizhzhia, a city in southeast Ukraine, 230 kilometres from Donetsk) is keeping a journal since the start of the war. Are We Europe publishes that week's entries each Friday for you to read; 
  • Rusty Lake and Second Maze are part of an itch.io bundle with almost 1000! games. All proceeds from this bundle will be split between International Medical Corps and Voices of Children;
  • Several A Lab members have offered housing for Ukrainian refugees via platforms such as Takecarebnb;
  • We provide free meeting space for English lessons for Ukrainian refugees;
  • A Lab and its members try to use as less gas as possible, to prevent more money from flowing to Russia;
  • More to be added later
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