Member of the Month January: Cinetree

Cinetree, a filmplatform, has become a fully committed A Lab Member in just a couple of weeks

Our intern Lenee sadly has left the building to finish her studies, but before leaving chose a new Member of the Month!

Cinetree is new to A Lab and they are already making their mark. They are so friendly and inviting. They do their part to be involved in the community. I think that they have settled in quite nicely. It feels like Cinetree has been here for a while, but it’s only been a few weeks. I hope that they have a long life in A Lab.

Congratulations to Cinetree! About our new Member of the Month:

At Cinetree, we believe in the necessity of great cinematic stories. They entertain, educate and inspire us. However: most of all they have the ability to connect, as everyone has a story to share. As a community or filmmakers, it is our mission to find and spread these great stories by curating an online selection of films, documentaries and short films. Feel free to sign up for a 14-day trial period on our website:

We are happy that you chose A Lab as your daily base to make a positive impact on the world through movies. We love movies. 


Follow them here:

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