New A Lab Members

Say hello toooo... Bas at Bas as a Service, Femke at Art Rocks, Nathalie at Nabarro coaching and Luuk, Chanice, Lewis, Stijn and Tony at Geuren & Kleuren Media! E-meet some of them below, or see them in A Lab.

Bas - Bas s a service

Hey! My name is Bas and after 10 years of corporate jungle, a year ago I decided to start Bas as a Service, abbreviated B(a)aS. Since that moment I've learned that I can earn a decent living as a freelance business developer, change manager and growth strategy-maker and starter. While that keeps "the chimney smoking" for a good 3 to 4 days a week. The remainder of my time I spend founding my first business,, a second hand racebike platform. We're currently experimenting with the first version, assisted by my sister Carien, who is also a member at A-lab (and actually introduced me here). In my spare time I try to play some golf and am currently preparing a comeback on the ice hockey-pitch. That all, while juggling the schedules of my toddlers Piet & Cato.

Looking forward to meet you all!  


Nathalie - Nabarrocoaching


Hi, my name is Nathalie Nabarro Koene.

My journey is to get from survival to happiness. I do this through my happiness laboratory. I work as a swim coach, I give workshops like laughter workshops and creative workshops. For three years now, I am writing feel-good books in French. Actually, I am busy on my second. Never too old to learn and give something a whirl/try. I use one approach for all that I do, Positive Psychology. I reinforce your/ my own happiness and well-being by focusing on strengths, cultivating positive emotions, fostering resilience, and building meaningful connections. 

Furthermore, I do things seriously, but I don't take myself seriously ( well, I don't want either). I speak French as a native and Dutch, English and Spanish. 

See you at the workhotel!


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