new members #inalab in September!

In September we welcome quite a few new members in our beloved community. Are you also curious to learn more about them? Say hello to Charlie, Veysi, Antigone, Guus, Satoru, Frédéric, Flore & Dominique!

Charlie Knispel - A LAB HQ (Lab.005)

Hi, my name is Charlie and I am 18 years old. I love watching anime and movies (my favorite is American Psycho) and listening to music. People often ask me what kind of music I listen to, and I never know how to answer this question because I listen to nearly everything ranging from Nirvana to Gorillaz to Queen to Lana Del Ray to Arctic Monkeys and even ABBA. I currently work at SpareribExpress in Purmerend as kitchen staff and I really like my job!

I'm a (new) intern at A Lab and am currently studying Event Producer at ROC van Amsterdam. I'm a very sociable person and I love meeting new people! What I find most interesting about the event business is the marketing behind the events. I also think the amount of work and thought that goes into every small detail is very admirable. I’m still very new to everything but I’ve already met tons of amazing people!

I can’t wait to learn all sorts of skills here and grow my connections even more.

Hope u have a good time at A Lab as well! 

- Charlie

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Kane Khan Chan (and creator Veysi - Workhotel)

I’m Kane Khan Chan. My fiancée Sofia Sara & I are collective intelligence avatars and we are created by Veysi (located in the Workhotel).

We want to collaborate with you to achieve a better future for all.

Concept video our Call to Action (1 min.):

More about us (4 min.):

We are in an early stage of development and we invite you to contribute to our development. 


Antigone Nastos (Workhotel)

Hi there! I'm Antigone (like the tragedy) and I just moved to Amsterdam in May. Originally from Greece, I spent a decade in California throwing parties for a living and am now considered a music industry veteran. I'm currently working on a book/field guide to surviving the events industry based on my experiences which I hope to get published next year.

I had my own counseling practice for the past few years and now I'm a freelance project manager doing way too many things (working on developing a video game, setting up my own coaching business, attending a master's programme at Reinwardt Academie among others) and I'm stoked to be a part of A Lab! I'm always interested in collaborating on projects so feel free to reach out! Things I care about in no particular order are: social and restorative justice, holistic wellness and healing modalities, video games, connecting to heritage, technology advancements, arts (yes, all), and sustainability.

I normally hang out in the quiet workhotel because I get distracted easily but would love to meet folks! Say hi if you're around.


Guus Rodermans - PandaM (Workhotel)

Happy to be sharing a workspace with you! My main expertise is in economics, finance, manufacturing and trade. After four years living and working in Shenzhen (China), I gained a great understanding of Chinese manufacturing and business, and graduated from a Master in Economics at Peking University. I speak the language very well, so if you have issues with the Chinese.. just pull my arm;).

Since COVID-19 hit mainland China, I started assisting European companies in their sourcing and manufacturing practices. My background in mechanical engineering helped me work with technical products: Source solar panels and batteries for Africa for example. 

Currently, I help several businesses scale by offering financial modeling, business development, fundraising and marketing support. Since very recently I can afford the luxury to only work on innovative purpose-driven projects of my choosing. I'm more than ever motivated to make this world a better place through sustainable entrepreneurship. Contact me to discuss business opportunities, get consultation, or just to have a casual or random chat! Check our my website here.


Satoru Muneda - Machi Machi Architects (Lab.212)

Founder of Machi Machi. Architects. Having worked for 10 years in architecture firms in Tokyo, working on large scale commercial facilities, hotel, and offices. Relocated to the Netherlands in 2016 and worked 3 years in Marc Koehler Architects before founding own architecture firm in 2019. Holding both Japanese architect licenses and registering as an architect in the Netherlands, striving to introduce new architecture concepts by utilizing knowledge and experiences in designs and technologies from both countries.

Check out my website or Instagram!

In my personal life, I like camping and climbing mountains. De Biesbosch is one of my favorite camping spots and I enjoyed Kayaking there this summer.

If you want to do a sushi workshop, I'll be there as a master chef. Let me know!!!


The Video Content Agency (Lab.003)

We create and produce digital, innovative content for Any Time, Anywhere; Any Device and Any Culture (ATAWADAC) for brands, organisations and their audiences… We strive for collective thinking and creativity in a socially relevant way. Our strength is our ability to adapt and build tailor-made expert teams that work well together, with a common goal: create content that makes people feel.

TVCA is the Dutch branch of the 87seconds group, a 10-year-old pan-European video content agency, specialising in video production and video strategy. With 70 colleagues spread over the offices in Brussels, Paris and Barcelona.

Our team today consists of Flore Deroose and Dominique Fraanje with support from our Brussels office. We’re super excited to be joining A-lab and are looking forward to getting to know our new neighbors and look where there are synergies to be found… You can find us in the office of Zeppa at Lab003. We’re happy to be a host in the next Lab Crawl and are looking forward to meeting you there. Of course, if you can’t make it you’re more than welcome for a chat and a coffee at our lab.

See you soon!

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