Resources for financial support within the cultural and creative sector

Resources for financial aid

The financial impact that comes with the new coronavirus is a disaster for the cultural and creative sector. There are a number of funds and organizations invested in alleviating the economic consequences for the culture sector. Below, we’ve listed some of these resources that provide aid in forms of loans, financial contributions and subsidies.


Fonds Cultuur+Financiering

The fund helps creatives, artists and cultural organizations through loans at low interest rates. 

For more information on applications and procedures check out their website


Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK)

The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) has opened a counter where you can speed up the process for applying for art subsidies. Applications must be processed by the counter within five days. Projects that reflect on the corona crisis in particular have a chance of being subsidized.

The next possibility to apply for subsidies is on the 22nd of April at 09.00 AM.

For more information, news and applications check out their website.


Het Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds

The private fund encourages foundations and associations within the cultural and nature sector to keep on applying for financial contribution. The funds’ aim is to keep on contributing to the continuation of the 3,500 projects they support every year. 

For more information on applications and procedures check out their website.


Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie

This fund offers subsidies for those in culture participation or cultural education. Below a list of subsidy programs you can apply for.

For more information on applications and procedures check out their website.



The government supports independent entrepreneurs in times of corona crisis through temporary aid. 

For more information on applications and procedures check out their website.


Rabobank Coöperatief Fonds

The fund is for associations, foundations and entrepeneurs who have a Rabobank account and have continuity problems due to the coronavirus. 

For more information on conditions, procedures and applications check out their website.


In other news…

In Art We Trust Fund

We Are Public has launched a new initiative and fund named ‘In Art We Trust’. You can become a member for 18 euros a month and once cultural instiutions open again, you will get unlimited access to more than 250 concerts, performances, films and exhibitions. Through the funds received from memberships, you will support the 15 monthly chosen makers the fund selects to spend 30.000 euros on so they can continue their work.

For more information check out their website.


For more information and the latest news on how COVID-19 affects the cultural sector, check out the website of Rijksoverheid.

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