Say hello to our new members (March/23)

Say hello to Alex, Bas, Chris, Kadir, Levi, Maria, Roos, Stefano & Xiang, all joining A Lab in March!

Roos Bijleveld

I'm a creative person, I like socializing and am a big fan of music and double espressos.  I’m also very curious about what's happening within A Lab, so maybe I'll come by and take a look inside your lab soon :)  Now I'm finishing my education marketing communication and events and for that I'm doing my final internship at the A Lab team, you probably will see me walking true the halls to get to know you all, and I'm always down to help with whatever just sent me a message and im there. 

Nice to meet you all and excited for the my upcoming months here.

You can say hi to Roos over email

Levi Stoop


I would describe my character as creative, helpful and positive. In my free time, I like to go out and to the gym.  

Something about myself: I am 18 years old, I am originally from Deventer Overijssel. But I have lived all over the Netherlands. I have been living in Amsterdam for over two weeks now and I have to say that I like it a lot. At A Lab I have been working for just under two weeks now. But in a short time I am already very impressed with how nice the atmosphere is in A Lab and how social and open everyone is. 

I hope to make it a fun learning internship.

You can say hi to Levi over email.

murmur (Alex, Chris & Scott) - S12

Alex and Chris together run murmur: a listening bar and art space in Hamerkwartier in Noord. Each weekend they invite artists to come and play their dearest music and experiment in an intimate listening context, instead of a dance floor-minded mix. They also curate live shows, performances and exhibitions.  Chris by day also works as a lawyer, providing legal advice to startups and entrepreneurs in the creative sector, so don't hesitate to drop by for a coffee if you're ever in need of some paperwork :) Scott is a creative and researcher working across a range of disciplines. With a childlike curiosity, he is often busy obsessing over themes in technology, culture, and design to come up with ideas for himself and for others. These manifest in a multitude of executions – ranging from images, objects, films, spaces, audio, and experiences.

NOOR - LAB.201

NOOR Images is an Amsterdam-based, international agency for documentary photography and visual storytelling. Alongside the agency, the NOOR Foundation focuses on creating education opportunities in ethical visual journalism and documentary practices.

We approach our work with integrity, passion, and respect and believe stories have an impact and inspire action. We believe in the power of still and moving images. We are honest witnesses.

NOOR, which takes its name from the Arabic word for light, launched in 2007 as a platform for its members to take financial control over their work and leverage the power of a group in a changing media landscape. NOOR Images was founded in this year by Claudia Hinterseer and member photographers Pep Bonet, Stanley Greene, Yuri Kozyrev, Kadir van Lohuizen, Francesco Zizola and former members Jan Grarup, Samantha Appleton, Philip Blenkinsop and Jodi Bieber.

The NOOR foundation and agency work with multiple international clients, collaborators and partners. As industry leaders, we produce work for large media companies and small startups, institutional clients and non-profits. 

We believe in accessible education and sharing knowledge on photography, media literacy and representation. While the content of our work is broad, it is unified in our desire to connect the dots around critical issues such as climate change, over consumption, forced migration, the rise of authoritarianism, the injustices of patriarchy and the power of art and music to keep us human

Say hi to NOOR in Lab.201 where you will find Bas, Kadir, Maria, Stefano & Xiang from time to time  

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