Spark Narration by ACED & VersPers

The new program of ACED and VersPers just had its start in A Lab. We present to you: Spark Narration, an education program that meets the need for training makers at the intersection of design and journalism.

Spark Narration guides and facilitates productions characterized by an interdisciplinary approach to design and journalism. Because of the extensive and diverse possibilities offered by the combination of art and journalism, Spark Narration presents the opportunity to pioneer at the intersection of these two fields.

This year's theme: Surinam in Amsterdam-Noord. Curious to the projects the participants are working on? Scroll down for more info.

To proudly announce the results of the Spark Narration, a public event will be organized at A Lab in Amsterdam in the second quarter of 2023.

But first, let's meet the makers:

Chetana Pai is an interaction technologist, workshop designer and facilitator, podcast producer, zine maker, and artist. Her work focuses mostly on creating new interactions, exploring and building communities, asking questions, and experimenting with and mixing different mediums. She is originally from Bangalore, India, and moved to the Netherlands in 2018 to do her MSc in Interaction Technology. Currently she is based in Rotterdam. 

Sarah Saleh is a Designer, Collage Artist  and DJ from Lebanon currently based in Amsterdam. Sarah holds a BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan and recently completed her Master’s at the Disarming Design department at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Her practice revolves around the intersection of sound and moving image in relation to identity and belonging. Due to her experiences of living in different geographies, migrating from one place to another, Sarah’s work is full of longing, questions, memories and noise. She works with personal archives and field recordings to create multichannel and multilayered installations.

Giulia Pompilj is a research-based designer investigating the biological, historical, and social aspects of ecosystems. With her practice, Giulia seeks to blur the distinction between conceptions of the fantastical and the scientific, attempting to facilitate a kind of creative traffic between two ostensibly separate areas of thought: that of hard science, and that of storytelling.

Polina Slavova is a research-based multi-disciplinary artist. The main focus of her investigation is socio-political topics, labour systems and behaviourism in the context of the contemporary digital and consumerist culture. She applies observatory and participatory research and creates interactive audio-visual stories to raise questions about people’s impact on society.

Connor McMullen is a story engineer based in The Hague, and really excited to dive into the stories and life in Amsterdam Noord. He hopes to learn more about how colonialism, and everything that comes with it, continues to shape our world today.

Zippora Martosoewando lives in Amsterdam Noord, and was born in Amsterdam. Her parents came to Amsterdam from Suriname in the ‘70’s. She is interested in the stories of other people who came from Suriname. She carries two types of blood anema, which is common among Surinamese people, and is curious about that.

Eva van der Zand lives in Amsterdam Noord and hopes to bring a rhythm into Amsterdam Noord where more people can relate to. A layered rhythm where sounds, music, voices and visions come together. She grew up on the border, therefore she learned to value border perspectives, a perspective that asks for quick shifting.

This program is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst. More info about the projects

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