Virtual events, books & experiments: 20 tips to boost your isolation-inspiration

20 Tips to add to your to-do list!

Even from a distance, the community we have at A Lab is as vibrant as BC. (Before Corona). Always in motion, we've seen members combining their creativity with technology to deliver social impacts all the while social distancing. Meanwhile, we've seen many of you who have been making the best out of the situation from home. Over the past weeks, we've been sharing some of our favourite tips in our weekly newsletter to keep you entertained. In this week's article we have a collection of some of those tips to get you through the upcoming period.


1. Human Online: Partake in this virtual-social experiment 

The online platform provides you with the opportunity to share one minute in silence with strangers from all backgrounds all across the world, simply by looking at each other through the screen. 


2. Clubbing weekender: Turn your house into a club with these 3 livestreams

The weekend of 24-27 April provides you with the opportunity to party from home at any given point. Friday evening you can start with the weekly livestream of club De Marktkantine, keeping it local. You can also tune into a 3-day Quarantäne weekender with DJs from all over the world, or visit VICE & Club in the Cloud's weekly Isolation Rave


3. Member Tip: Storydiggers' Troubadour game

A game for parents and their kids, focussed on boosting creativity, literacy and memory by exploring self-made stories and going on adventures from home. 


4. Open Culture: 'The best free cultural and educational media on the web'

The platform offers a range of 1,500 free courses from universities all over the world, as well as a great selection of movies, eBooks, audio books and educational resources for kids.


5. Member Tip: TCBYMLs' Support your local bands playlist

Discover music and support your local artists with This Could Be Your Music Label's Spotify playlist


6. Book tip: De Pest / The Plague

A currently bestselling book (Dutch/English). The story revolves around a coastal town in North Africa hit by a plague. In quarantine, people are facing feelings of fear, claustrophobia but there's also a lot of connection, sharing and deep thinking about the lives the citizens lived before and the future they will live in. 


7. Attend one of the many online events with Eventbrite

The event platform offers a range of (free) online events in community & culture, professional & business, conferences and classes to name a few of many categories. Check out what's going on today, tomorrow or this weekend.


8. Fine-dine from home with these 8 local restaurants

MyLittleBlackBook has listed a selection of fine-dine restaurants that have option for take-away or delivery.


9. Improve working from home with these 32 tips

Nextiva's updated list provides the 32 best tips to create a healthy from-home working environment and routine.


10. Follow daily Livecasts from Pakhuis de Zwijger

Pakhuis de Zwijger launches daily livecasts with speakers on interesting topics like the culture sector in crisis. You can rewatch the livecasts at any moment.


11. Wellness at home: Create your own DIY face mask

Check out the best home-made face masks made out of natural products.


12. Take a break and travel virtually with 3 Op Reis

Get your dose of traveling from home by watching all of 3 Op Reis' episodes online


13. Workout from home tips: live streams & workout videos

Stay fit from home with these workout videos and livestreams.


14. Coronaid: Find all of the Dutch corona initiatives

platform offering a space for all of the initiatives aimed at supporting each other in times of the coronavirus in the fields of education, leisure, health, elderly, government, work, platforms, food and others. Find out what you can do!

15. Book tip: The Power of Now

The eye-opening book by famous author Eckhart Tolle gives you tools for mindfulness and takes you on a path to find calmness and stable ground in these chaotic times.


16. De Kleine Komedie: Watch, read and listen from home

The Amsterdam theatre lists videos, sketches, performances, articles or podcast episodes from makers you would normally see in their theatre on their website


17. Follow a cooking tutorial

Follow a class with one of the best YouTube cooking channels as listed by Thrillist.


18. Take an online (break)dance course with Solid Ground Movement

Every Wednesday afternoon live on Instagram.


19. For kids: All Amazon Kids shows for free

Amazon has made all of their kids shows accessible for free.


20. Attend Playgrounds Online Festival

On the 30th of April, the virtual festival Playgrounds will take place. In their second edition, they will showcase a catwalk of inspiring, progressive and innovative makers known for stretching outside of a genre and mashing things up. 


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