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Curious why we do what we do?

No matter how peculiar your ideas may be, we are eager to hear them. A Lab is the most adventurous community in Amsterdam, a breeding ground for ideas, neighbourhood center, studio, hub, stage, workplace, and connector all rolled into one. A motley crew of creative, innovative, and socially conscious entrepreneurs venturing into uncharted territories, both in Amsterdam and beyond.

You see, in A Lab, the possibilities are infinite, and that’s because we don’t play by the rules. We offer 20,000 cubicle meters of space for new ideas to grow, change direction, succeed, and fail. It’s a place where ideas learn to stand on their own, accelerate, and spread into the rest of the world. A Lab is a source of unparalleled developments, unique perspectives, and new insights for those who are curious.

Curiosity, as you know, is the key to progress. It’s not always necessary to know exactly what you’re looking for as long as you’re willing to find it. If you’re curious, open to exploration, and never too good to learn, then throw your conventions out the window and let your mind run free. What would you do if anything were possible? What catches your eye? What nourishes your brain and quickens your heart? What tickles your curiosity?

Discover the colourful stories and connect with our community of independent entrepreneurs. Here, feedback is always available, and cross-pollination is around the corner. Work with a variety of creative entrepreneurs, from designers, artists, and visual makers to digital startups, social entrepreneurs, and vertical farmers. Each one is a world-changer, storyteller, and pioneer. With one foot in the North and our tendrils in the city, A Lab opens doors to all corners of the world. Experience the power of the past and the aspirations of the future, and together, unleash the world of tomorrow. Be curious, it’ll work.


Stichting A Lab kent een Raad van Toezichtmodel. De RvT telt  leden. De leden van de RvT zijn momenteel:

Sebastiaan Capel (voorzitter, lid Ledenraad - Rabobank, toegetreden december 2022)

Marlon Huysmans  (secretaris, adviseur/stadsontwikkelaar, toegetreden juli 2022)  

Peter van Gelderen (penningmeester, directeur Icos Capital, toegetreden 2017).

Statutair dienen 2 van de 3 leden van de RvT goedgekeurd te zijn door de gemeente Amsterdam. De leden van de RvT ontvangen geen bezoldiging. De leden voor de RvT worden benoemd voor een periode van in principe 4 jaar en kunnen maximaal voor 1 extra periode herbenoemd worden. Rooster van aftreden: S, Capel eind 2026, M. Huysmans zomer 2026 en P. Van Gelderen voorjaar 2025.

Sociale Veiligheid

De A Lab Community en het A Lab Team kent een Sociale Gedragscode en Veiligheidsprotocol en heeft daarvoor een intern en extern vertrouwenspersoon aangesteld. Daarnaast is eveneens een lid van de Raad van Toezicht als vertrouwenspersoon beschikbaar. De code en het protocol zijn beiden online terug te vinden.

Who's the team making A Lab work?

Árpád Gerecsey
Donna Pennartz
Anne van der Meij
community & operations
Roos Bijleveld
communication & community

Looking for a chance to grow?

Each half year, A Lab takes on curious interns that want to invest in their future selves. We offer an ever changing, inspiring working environment with lots of possibilities to develop yourself and your network. Are you ready to join an incredible adventure?

What you'll do:

We offer internships for students (MBO & HBO) that want to work and learn in the field of:

  • communications
  • facility management
  • event management
  • community management
  • ... (surprise us with your take why we need you!)
What you’ll need:
  • communication skills
  • flexibility to jump between tasks and stay focused
  • openness to meet new people and work with awesome teams
  • desire to learn
  • proactivity in daily activities
  • English knowledge
What we'll provide

A (4-6 months) learning experience in an inspiring creative and innovative workspace with a community of more than 300 active members working in art&culture, music, visual, robotics, journalism, game design, music, photography and much more. A great network to tap in to and a fair internship fee.


Email us at with your CV and a short motivation.

Planning a visit?

Find us at
Overhoeksplein 2
1031 KS
020-820 23 63

Visitors are welcome on weekdays from 9 – 5 pm. Members have 24/7 access.

Of course you can also sign up for our newsletter here.

En route to A Lab

We recommend coming by bike/foot/public transport. Take the 3-minute ferry ride to 'Buiksloterweg' from Amsterdam Central Station.

Follow this walking route.

If you come by car try the A'DAM Toren parking garage. This parking lot is located underneath the square in front of A Lab.

How do we foster the future?

Being based in the former R&D Lab of fossil energy giant Shell, we owe it to ourselves to take a good hard look at our own sustainability policies. We strive to make our building and community as sustainable as (financially) possible.

Here's how we do it:

  • All lighting in the building is LED powered;
  • A Lab is powered by 100% Dutch green energy;
  • We are clients of Dutch green bank Triodos;
  • Since 2022, A Lab and its neighbors (Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten) are connected to district heating;
  • A Lab and its members are trying actively to reduce the usage of gas for heating;
  • Lighting in hallways, toilets and other shared spaces are activated by motion sensors;
  • Our printing service eZeep offers us CO2 neutral printing;
Currently doing
  • Energy management discussions with the community;
  • Insulation plans (with our landlord, the city of Amsterdam);
  • Gaining insights on usage of certain devices and parts of the building;
  • Creating a (live) dashboard covering the usage of energy;
  • Investigating 'smart heating' in our Labs;
What we hope to do
  • Green hosting of our website and services;
  • Talks with our suppliers about the usage of only sustainable materials;
  • Making our insurances 'green';

Thoughts? More ideas on how to make A Lab more sustainable? Hit us up!