Biotic Games

Amsterdam Biolabs


Tuesday Jul 24 18:30 to 21:30

In this age of biotechnology, enter the era of Biotic Games: What happens if computer science and biology mix?

How could we create hybrid video games that integrate real, living, biological components and processes, with computers? What are the possible ways in which we could do this, and what are the social, cultural and ethical implications that may arise as a result? Join us at Amsterdam Biolabs, for some bio-digital fun. Demonstrations, discussions, DIY biotic gaming, and more!

Euglena Spaceships

Roland van Dierendonck will give an introductory talk on the recent history of Biotic Games, and discuss his own contributions to the field. This includes the Euglena Spaceships kit, which he developed together with Christian Schulz, and in collaboration with Pieter van Boheemen (then Waag Society) and Ingmar Riedel-Kruse (Stanford University). Euglena Spaceship kit is an homage to the classic Spacewar! game, providing building materials for a webcam microscope and biotic gaming device in the form of a spaceship, as well as an open source software to build your own game around the light-sensitive, LED-steerable organism, Euglena gracilis. In Euglenizer, which was displayed as part of Semiotics of the Laboratory group project at Ars Electronica 2017, Roland used euglenas to make a synthesizer, which utilizes biological unpredictability of sound.

Mould Rush

Raphael Kim is a researcher interested in bio-digital games and design. Raphael is currently working with Roland on Mould Rush: a bio-digital, multiplayer strategy game that is played on a slow but constantly-evolving landscape, shaped by real, living micro-organisms such as bacteria, yeast, and fungi. The world’s first biotic game to be live broadcasted on, the game invites virtual players to hunt, attack, clone and expand their colonies in real life, by sending in their strategies online. Raphael will introduce Mould Rush, with its background and motivation behind designing the game, and will join in the demonstration via live stream from London.

**Amsterdam Biolabs**

Amsterdam Biolabs is a space for curiosity-driven research and invention around the life sciences, bringing together changemakers and society. Amsterdam Biolabs is located in A Lab, where it hosts monthly events. It is co-founded by Federico Muffatto and Roland van Dierendonck.