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Last updated on: October 19th, 14:57

Dear A Labbers and visitors,


In order to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all of us, we have set up a protocol. 

Governmental changes to guidelines on a national or regional scale may lead to changes in our protocol. In that case, we will inform you.


The urgent government advice is 'if you can work from home, work at home'. A Lab members remain welcome, but it is everyone's responsibility to take good care of yourself and others. We have, together with our neighbour, the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, decided to keep the main entrance closed to the general public in order to decrease the amount of people in A Lab at the same time. A Lab Members are still able to access the building with their key. The connecting doors on the corridors will be closed. So make sure you have your key with you. Try to keep a social distance from others within the building, approximately 1,5 meter and take good care of your hygiene. This is for your own and others' safety.

Until now, things have gone well and we ask you to continue to communicate well with each other within your Lab. If you need an alternative space, we can see how we can help. We have already taken many measures to date. For example, the windows can now be partly opened, and this should lead to better ventilation in addition to air treatment.


In general

As stated in the guidelines of the government:

- Work from home if you can

- Stay at home while waiting for a COVID-19 test or if you have in been contact with anyone that has tested positive 

- If you or your housemates are tested positive for COVID-19, stay at home in quarantine;

- If you do not feel well, please stay at home (also if you have a cold)

- Maintain 1,5m distance from each other

- Wash your hands regularly

- Sneeze and cough in your elbow



- We recommend making use of our sanitary dispenser/hand alcohol bottle which is placed at the central entrance

- Only members have access to A Lab. Visitors only have access if accompanied by a member who retrieves them at the front door

- The front door and sliding doors will not open automatically. You need a key for both. 


Walking route

- We have created walking routes in the entire A Lab building. Blue stickers with an arrow will show you the way, while red ‘Do Not Enter’ stickers will show you where you can’t go. 

* The walking routes by the labs are in a clockwise one-way rotation

* One side of the staircase is used for upward traffic and one for descending traffic 

- Only one person is allowed in the elevator


Meeting rooms

- Our meeting rooms and event space are open for bookings, for both A Labbers and external parties.

- Kindly note that we have lowered the capacity for each room. Should this mean that you’ll need a larger and more expensive meeting room please contact the team at A Lab HQ or info@a-lab.nl



Every lab should have enough m2 available to work for all A Labbers. However there is a chance that you may have to re-organize your Lab together with your co-labbers.  Let us know if you need help with this. Should you encounter any troubles or if you don’t feel safe or comfortable, there are always ‘Escape Labs’ available. 


In conclusion

We’re doing whatever we can but we can’t do it without you. Should you have great ideas or if you feel there should be any adjustments to the protocol, let us know so we can improve it.


Finally, we will ask of you to help each other and to remind each other to work within the guidelines of our protocol.  We believe that together, we can create a healthy, workable and safe place to work so you can continue your work at A Lab.  Let us know if you have any questions or remarks!


Stay Safe, Stay Creative!

All the best,


The A Lab Team

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