A Sustainable Lab


Since we are based in the former R&D Lab of fossil energy giant Shell, we own it to ourselves to take a good hard look at our own sustainability policies. We strive to make our building and community as sustainable as (financially) possible.

What we have done so far:


  • All lighting in the building is LED powered;
  • A Lab is powered by 100% Dutch green energy;
  • We are clients of Dutch green bank Triodos;
  • A Lab and its members are trying actively to reduce the usage of gas for heating;


  • Together with our neighbors Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (AHK) we will be connected to district heating in 2022;
  • A Lab has an active partnership with The Switch, who educate new personnel for the energy transition by retraining people with a distance to the labor market;
  • A Lab is part of the Solar Protocol network, a web platform hosted across a network of solar-powered servers set up in different locations around the world;
  • Waste and recycling optimization;
  • Energy management discussions with the community;


  • Insulation plans (with our landlord, the city of Amsterdam);
  • Green hosting of our website and services;
  • Talks with our suppliers about the usage of only sustainable materials;
  • Making our insurances 'green';