The Boardroom

A Boardroom has never looked so inspiring. Bring your clients into our own version of a boardroom, filled with props from the old laboratory and lots of plants!

With TV screen, zoom camera, whiteboard and flipchart. Up to 12 people.




  • € 25,- /hour for A Lab members (ex VAT)

  • € 50,- /hour for external bookings (ex VAT)

  • €350,- per day (daytime only)

  • €200,- per day for A Lab members (daytime only)


  • TV for presentations with VGA, HDMI & Apple TV connection

  • Logitech Conference Cam: allows you to be seen and heard during conference calls. In this way people working from come can still be virtually 'physically' present in the meeting. A fun addition to the Conference Cam is its following function, when someone in the room is speaking, the camera will zoom in on that person.

  • Flip-over with paper and markers

  • Whiteboard with markers