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New Members in A Lab - May '24


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April 29, 2024

A Lab is all about its awesome members. So, when someone new joins, we just ask them to tell us a bit about themselves. Let's meet the new people that joined A Lab over the last few months and give them a warm welcome!

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Links: Hi, we are Sexmatters/IVY foundation.

11 years ago, our foundation was established to work towards an inclusive and socially safe society for everyone. We started working on this by giving workshops to young people in schools about gender, sexuality and consent. 6 years ago, we started expanding our projects to training courses on social safety and discrimination for hospitality and entertainment venues, companies, student associations, social organizations and government agencies. These projects are now part of the IVY foundation.

In addition, with Sexmatters, we give workshops in youth work and we also train youth workers, teachers and other professionals who work with young people. We have a young and dynamic team and we are always trying to increase our own expertise. That is why we are so happy to be part of A Lab from now on, where so many different organizations are together and with which we can also connect.

We have been in the work hotel for a few more months now and from July 1, we will have our permanent office on the second floor, 2.03. We would love to meet other members in the coming months.

Middle: Hi! My name is Jet de Nies.

I work as a freelance graphic designer for, among others, Collective Capital, an organization that works for a loving (er) society. Do you want to know or get to know more about that? Be sure to just walk in! I'm really curious about all the other people in (and outside) A Lab.

Right: Hi! Hello A-lab community! I am Cassandra de Klerck,

A pioneer and entrepreneur dedicated to my vision of creating stories that provide hope and direction in our rapidly changing world. I do this by combining the latest technological innovations with the art of acting. This journey began in 2017 with my fascination for creating and acting in VR. By 2024, this has expanded to include creating with digital humans, various immersive media, and AI applications, evolving into the Virtual Acting Studio.

From the Virtual Acting Studio, I assist organizations with questions such as how to integrate virtual acting technologies into methods, workflows, and training programs. Additionally, I help with making choices between real actors, digital humans, animations, or a combination of these possibilities for projects, developing believable avatars, and addressing ethical and privacy issues regarding digital presence. The income from the services of the Virtual Acting Studio is used for experiments and research in the field of Virtual Acting. From these experiments, I bring my own work as a creator to life. In my stories, the artistic reflection of societal issues is almost always central, and through creating fiction, I try to find solutions to problems in our reality. Currently, I am working from A-lab on a new VR piece titled 'The Dyslexic Writer, 'in which the viewer embarks on a journey through the mind of the dyslexic writer and, by interacting with a poetic world of letters, can discover the struggle and magic behind dyslexia. I am creating this work because I believe that dyslexia is still a struggle for many people, including myself, but at the same time, I believe that 'dyslexic thinking' is also a strength and can be very valuable for finding solutions to societal issues in our rapidly changing world.

More about my work can be found at and

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