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Starter Pack “Democracy, how do you do that?”

Starter Pack

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November 9, 2023

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Read, Watch and Listen

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Experience it for yourself:

On Why you can “speed date politically” with your political counterpart. Break out of you bubble! Do you dare to do it?

Stop by The Political Garden to play political games, listen to podcasts or protest music, discuss with friends, admire the exhibition, or just chill out in the lounge corner and think about what matters to you.

Vote for a Woman occupied the Political Garden on November 16, 17 and 18. Meet female candidates and find out everything you want to know about the elections.

Come on Friday, November 17 to The KiesQuiz if you don't remember it all in the run-up to the elections. That's what the experts feel Represent Yourself and The Electors test your election knowledge, so that you can leave completely ready before November 22.

The Electors organize energetic events to inform young people about politics and discuss social issues. Have a look at the website and come to one of the shows!

Documentary, Videos, and Podcasts:

WTF should I vote? with the help of three political experts, provides customized voting advice to floating young people.

One selection of interesting podcasts about various political topics, collected for the Political Garden of 2023 Tolhuistuin Amsterdam

University of the Netherlands Reijer Passchier asked what he would change about our politics and democracy. His suggestion: ban cameras in the Senate and House of Representatives, such as in Finland, for better debate. Curious? Watch the video.

In Heart of Democracy the controversial gap between citizens and politics is investigated.

Voting makers van Omroep Zwart wonders what politics has actually done for us and looks for answers in their catchy short videos.

Nice Conservative shows that conservative thinking is popular among young people again. How is that?

Voting Help and Debates:

The election campaign is well underway. Bee NOS on 3 the party leaders debate and students are allowed to ask them questions.

In this video all political parties are explained. Who are they, what do they stand for and what do they do?

The Human Rights Guide by Amnesty shows how (un) important human rights are for the parties.

Woman Inc provides generic voting advice. Come to the ballot box well prepared.

here you will find all the debates that are still planned at a glance.

here you will find all voting guides in a row.

Book tip:

Making a difference yourself portrays 10 extraordinary people who did not wait for anything or someone, but set to work with their ideal themselves. How would you approach this?


The Correspondent explains why politics and media together unintentionally form a distrust machine.

For teachers and schools:

City lab contributes to the democratic ability of Amsterdam children by designing good civic education together with teachers.

Other initiatives:

F6 Foundation wants to make young people more aware of how politics, democracy and citizenship function, how it affects their lives and how they can find their way in the democratic system. Conversely, the F6 Foundation introduces politicians to how young people think about politics and democracy.

Deep Democracy - Minority wisdom. Deep Democracy is a view and method that makes the undercurrent visible and manageable in groups. Conflicts and conflicting opinions are examined in a respectful way. In dialogue and discussion. Decision-making with attention and appreciation for other views.

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