Amsterdam Biolabs Tour

Amsterdam Biolabs


Tuesday Sep 25 17:30 to 18:30

Join the Lab Tour through Amsterdam Biolabs!

Are you interested in an affordable laboratory space in a central location in Amsterdam? Do you want to join a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, academics, researchers, designers, artists and makers? Or are you just curious to visit Amsterdam Biolabs and learn about what we do?

Join the Lab Tour through Amsterdam Biolabs and learn about the facilities and possibilities. The tour takes you through the laboratory space and materials, and introduces companies that are currently working in the space. 


About Amsterdam Biolabs

Amsterdam Biolabs is a space for curiosity-driven research and invention around the life sciences, bringing together changemakers and society. Amsterdam Biolabs is located in A Lab, where it hosts monthly events. It is co-founded by Federico Muffatto and Roland van Dierendonck.