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Starter Pack "Het Symbioceen"

Starter Pack

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December 11, 2023

The Symbiocene: there's plenty to read, watch, and explore in every possible way. We've curated the essential resources to kick-start your research of this mind-blowing topic. Step into the fascinating world of the Symbiocene with our Starter Pack!

Documentaries and Tedx

Tedx Matthijs Schouten - Nature Philosopher Matthijs speaks about attitudes to nature and our future. "Who do we think we are?"

Tedx Suzanne Simard - "A forest is much more than what you see," says ecologist Suzanne Simard. She speak about the complex, symbiotic networks in our forests, and about how trees talk to each other.

Tedx Paul Hessburg - Forest ecologist Paul Hessburg confronts some tough truths about wildfires and details how we can help restore the natural balance of the landscape.

Tegenlicht "Welkom in het symbioceen" - VPRO Tegenlicht gaat op zoek naar een nieuw bio-evenwicht met Glenn Albrecht, Jalila Essaïdi en Lucas De Man (EN & DU)

TedMed - In "Nature, folklore and serendipitous photo collaborations", artist Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen collaborate with local elders -- farmers, fishermen, cosmologists and more - to create richly imaginative portraits that explore humanity's connection to nature.

TedSummit - In "Nature is everywhere, we just need to learn to see it", Emma Marris speaks about the definition of nature


Rechten voor de natuur - Jessica den Outer

Braiding sweet grass- Robin Wall Kimmeler

The well gardened mind - Sue Steward Smith

Paradijs in de polder - Arita Baaijens

Zoektocht naar het paradijs - Arita Baaijens

Het wilde Noorden - Urban Nature Guide for Amsterdam North

Tips by Julia Rijssenbeek

The wizard and the prophet - Charles C. Mann

Ways of Being - James Bridle

An immense world - Ed Yong

Vibrant Matter - Jane Bennett

Parallel Minds - Laura Tripaldi

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FABER FUTURES x weforum - Re-envisioning relationships with nature

Landscape Architecture - Read about how Madrid is building a giant wind garden which it’s hoped will reduce city temperatures by 4 degrees.

4tify - From Fruit to Fabrics. Have your fruits and... wear them too?

Next Nature - A beautiful and informative Essay by Glenn Albrecht

Wur - A fun article about Biomimicry and Bioinspired design

Trouw - Article about how humans can benefit from clever tricks from nature. 'Solutions are within reach.'


Future Based - What Is It Like to Be a Plant? Norbert Peeters


Sumowala - Sun Moon Water Land, design and architecture that collaborates with its surrounding nature

Manifesto - Amsterdam-Noord is a natural reserve, treat it like one

Weaving Realities - Moving from I to We by sentipensar together with living Earth.

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2020 Dutch Design Week's art works which are intertwined with the role of bio-art in the transition to the Symbiocene: the era after the Anthropocene, in which man is no longer the center, but lives in symbiosis with nature, culture, and technology.


Princess Mononoke - The original Symbiocene poetic movie! Watch how Princess Mononoke wants to look at this world without hate, and reconnect both.

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