a new colleague & new members #inalab!

In October we welcome a new range of members in our community and we are also happy to introduce the latest addition to the A Lab Team: Donna! Curious to learn more about them? Scroll down!

Donna Pennartz - Team A Lab (Lab.005)

My name is Donna. Me in a nutshell: I love being in nature to cycle or hike, I love music (jazz, soul, old school house, funk, hip hop, R&B, rock & roll and so on) and music history, and I am very curious about people and their passion(s). So to start my job at A Lab of which a big part consists of getting to know you, your passions and your goals, is very exciting to me!

Before I wrote A Lab to tell them that I would love to join the team, I taught spinning classes and managed the training program and the instructors at Rocycle NL and Germany. I quit in May this year, because I wanted to be in a more cultural and creative environment. Also, I wanted to pursue my dream to make documentaries. Lucky me; both worked out. Currently, I am working on my first documentary with a small team of other docu-rookies and on Monday October 31st I will start my first day at A Lab! I'm sure you'll agree with me that meeting in person is a billion times better than through email - plus I would love to hear your awkward mini self-introductions - so I will stroll by all of your offices in the next few weeks to pop in and meet in person. Very excited to get started, see you soon!

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We are Giulia Hietink, Marloes Lucas Luyckx en Lotte Toet. We form the board of our own Stichting GELIJKSPEL. GELIJKSPEL is an organization by students for students. Our mission is to strive towards a positive and healthy sexual culture. One of our activities is that we give workshops on sexual behavior norms to students in The Netherlands. We started four years ago with four people, and now we have grown to an organization of 35 people. We have student ambassador teams, people who spread the GELIJKSPEL-message and give the GELIJKSPEL-workshops in Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht and Rotterdam. This year we want to scale up and set up teams in Nijmegen, Wageningen, Groningen en Delft as well. If you are curious you can check our website.

We hope to see and speak to u soon!

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