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Curious About...

#4 Curious About... The Symbiocene

Earth & Humanity: a Toxic Affair

Doors open:
13:00 – 18:00
Free entry

What would the world look like if we lived in harmony with the other organisms around us? Step into the Symbiocene! A new era in which nature doesn’t revolve solely around human life, but where we become partners in coexistence. Cities would transform into nature reserves, full of eco-friendly buildings constructed from biobased materials, ensuring equal rights for all living inhabitants. What would we wear? What would we eat? What would we invent? Join us as we explore the dawn of an epoch in which Earth and Humanity heal their toxic ties. To live happily ever after.


February 14


13:00 – 13:30
Walk in


13:30 – 15:00
Route through A Lab with multiple expos, demos and workshops

Ignas van Schaick, filmmaker at EMS FILMS, known for De Wilde Stad and Onder het Maaiveld, invites you to join an immersive discussion where you'll brainstorm about their new film Planet Human.

Site Practice shows you how everything made from plastic can be made from hemp.

– Step into the roles of either Humanity or Earth during this Improv Theatre Workshop and playfully explore the dynamics of their toxic relationship.

Nieuwe Helden shows The Nature Building Project which offers an interactive and experiential way to think and act in building a greener world.

Visual Notes transforms your ideas for a Symbiotic world into a drawing. Stop by and see your wildest fantasies come to life on paper.

– Share your deepest soul-stirrings with the Love Letter Tree, and let your love for Earth blossom.

ROEF will share all about their important mission: greening the roofscape in Amsterdam

Luca Oosterloo studies and emphasizes with his project Existence of All the importance of transitioning towards the Symbiocene.– Rebekka Bank's art aims to make you realize that recognizing a plant can feel like encountering an old friend.

– Artists and social designers Tiwánee van der Horst and Geartsje van der Zee invite you for teatime with them and ask the question how humans can be seduced to move towards a symbiocenic way of being.

– Join the Word Workshop with Michael Frijda and discover the meaning of language when entering a new era.

– Where do you fall short in taking care of the earth? Share what you did wrong on the Confession Wall...

– Retreat to our mini-cinema and watch our selection of the most inspiring Ted Talks

– Follow the Live Report on the current situation on our planet as we keep you informed about global developments.

15:30 – 17:00
Video message by Glenn Albrecht, Keynotes by Arita Baaijens and Julia Rijssenbeek


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